14th October 2017

Family photographs in Autumn colours

Family photographs in Autumn colours are so lovely and I really enjoy photographing in that time of the year! The images look so beautiful in the Autumn colours degrade. The family has chosen Marques de Pombal Palace Garden in Oeiras – the perfect scenario to make warm family photographs in Autumn magic colours.
In that time of the year, days are near-summer and the light goes to bed around 8pm. This family was enjoying every bit of that October warm breeze, and I made sure I’d capture those golden emotions.
Hope you like the final result as much has they did!

A Little bit about the Palace gardens;

The Gardens and Palace of the Marquês de Pombal, classified as a national monument, is an example of the valuable heritage of the 18th century, whose design is by Carlos Mardel, a famous Hungarian architect who played a privileged role in the reconstruction of the Pombaline of Lisbon, during the earthquake of 1755.”
By C.M.O.