20th October 2020

Engagement session aboard sailboat.

I always wanted to do an engagement session aboard sailboat, with that genuine couples complicity, still with an editorial light felling.

I talked to a good friend, Marco A. Costa and shared several of my ideas.
To shoot a engagement session with him and his girlfriend Andreia Lopes. Marco suggested to approach a mutual friend Richard Eismann. He has a boat rental company, Katerina-boats, with a fleet that provides nautical lifestyle experienses. The goal was to photoshoot the engagement session aboard his 50,8 feet sailboat, to which he said “ohhHellYeahh!!” 
The time line was short, both on preparation and good weather…, as the autumn was coming. Yet, we caught a fantastic day, both on temperature and light.

The ocean is undoubtedly a very special element to me. It is amazing the tranquility and well-being that a sailboat can bring us. This with Cascais Village as the background is always the cherry on top. 
Hope all of you lovebirds out there enjoy it.

Take care and stay safe!